Sexual Orientation in Spinning

One of the standout themes in Spinning was the idea of Tillie struggling with being a lesbian. I also felt that at there was a right balance between focusing on it and then other things. This prompted me to count the number of panels per chapter that reference her sexual orientation.

The main limitation of my graph is that you can’t see a percentage of how much each of the chapters takes up and rather what chapters feature her sexual orientation the most.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 11.54.36 PM

The map took the shape it did because the references to her orientation become more prominent when she is finally outed after her picture with Rae is discovered and she comes out to her parents and friends, and it takes center stage. But once this is revealed it slows down a considerable amount and then fades into the background as her future and her issues become more present.

The map succeeded in showing the ramping and fading of references that I felt when I read, but it came up to my decision of what constituted a reference to her sexual orientation, therefore the numbers may be slightly different if someone else made the same graph.

What this shows me about Spinning is that the themes and moments in the book shift just as Tillie is growing up and therefore we should track exactly where we are and what the story is telling us by what it focuses on.


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