Recreating Napoleon Dynamite


Ever since I saw Napoleon Dynamite I was obsessed with the idea from the title credits to use lunch foods to show the movie. When I saw this assignment it immediately occurred to me that the DUC could for once help me do my homework. Who would have imagined that? It was kind of fun to play with food in this way, as it allowed me to reimagine the credits in my own way. I know I may have cheated slightly because I didn’t recreate a frame from a movie, but I decided to take the essence of the idea and somehow make it my own by creating what could be a frame that fits in with the original title sequence. As a filmmaker, I am absolutely not a fan of recreating shots from movies exactly because that seems incredibly lazy to me. What seems far more valuable to me is understanding the aspects that form the image, tone, and style of the movie and giving my own spin on things.


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