Red Highlights

Human Document Text.png

red highlights

fresh bright blood
let him hurt me
Daddy yelled at me at dinner
Mama had said to be careful. 
face unreadable eyes blank
no part of me was beautiful 
I didn't have anything to be so proud of

Although strange at first, it was pretty easy for me to get an idea for what I was going to do with my human document. What I did first was read through the pages to see the main idea of each, and I found this particular page to be the most interesting because I was able to easily connect an image with the words. The page spoke to me of child abuse and fearing your parents. The poem came to me by itself, all I had to do was find it.

I used Photoshop to create the image itself because I am an incredibly messing artist and so I didn’t really want to screw up the page that I had because the message was so powerful. It was really great to work with it in Photoshop because it was non-destructive and I could make a complete mess over the book and I could go back if I wanted to. I often have regrets when I am making things and this was one opportunity where the technology certainly helped me better achieve my goals.


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