Visual Note Taking

Taking a set of notes and translating them into a different medium made me realize that by breaking down complex concepts into simple representations of them, you can learn a lot about the material. It was especially useful for my Psych class’s chapter on Classical Conditioning as there are many elements that are closely connected although they may not appear to be so. After I drew Ivan Pavlov and I placed him into my notes, I realized that the entire unit was connected to him in some way, and his impact on Psychology was far bigger than I had thought. It also made me sort of emotional to draw a crying child, as the scientists that experimented with classical conditioning using a baby scarred him for life and caused him to ultimately die.

By also being forced to lay down all my notes into just one clear space I was able to group all of the concepts about classical conditioning and have them side by side to see only the most important parts of the matter.

Note Task


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