Narrative Reflection



Stopping to reminisce over how I got somewhere is not something I typically do. There have been three main events in my life that have shaped how I became an avid reader and unhinged writer. It was surprising to me to realize that perhaps only a few events in my life truly matter in making you who you are, but it is how you act in between those events that let you see results. Free writing was the best way for me to simply sit down and analyze what things caused me to be who I am by simply letting my mind wander almost 8 years into the past, remembering things that may not seem that relevant to me. The most astounding revelation that came from writing this narrative is that even though I am the one who reads and writes, I would not be doing either so well or consistently if I hadn’t had the help of a few other people that would push me and motivate me to be better.

Looking back it is hard to think that a birthday present I received in the 4th grade, a married couple, and the metaphorical blood shed by a BIC pen would make me the reader and writer that I have become...


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1 thought on “Narrative Reflection

  1. Your story of your reading/writing career is very inspiring. I too, kick-started my reading career with the “Harry Potter” series. In that aspect, we are one in the same! I really enjoyed your story of your AP English teacher. I think it was very inspiring and shows your determination to better yourself and become a more talented writer. Have you ever considered writing more short films or movies? I think that it is super interesting that you have even entertained the idea of writing scripts and would love to know more about your writing process.


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